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Bartending Mastery - Cocktail & Bartending Masterclass

Become a skilled, knowledgeable and confident bartender that venues will want to employ
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Bar Mastery is a six module online course that will walk you through every step to become a bartender that bar owners and managers are looking for, even if you have zero experience. This course teaches you the skills and knowledge that experienced bartenders have refined over decades. We also help you find your first bar job, because as you may know, it’s hard.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn over 80 lessons…

Module 1: Service

  • We start you off with explaining your core role in the hospitality industry and the mentality you need to have a successful foundation and positive career path.
  • At the end of this first module, you’ll understand the three main aspects that contribute to a high level of customer service, how to convince your customers to spend more money in your venue, and over two dozen ways for you to make more cash tips!

Module 2: Equipment

  • You’ll learn the safest and most correct methods to handle all bar equipment used to serve beer, wine and cocktails without looking like a newbie.
  • At the end of this module, you will know how to properly shake, strain, stir and chill cocktails, how to muddle for the best flavour, how to hold a jigger and pour spirits smoothly, how to open a bottle of wine that needs a corkscrew and one that’s gonna pop, and how to pour the perfect beer from a tap (one of the best feelings in life).

Module 3: Masterclass

  • You’ll familiarise yourself with your work space, learn what tasks to prioritise throughout a shift, and practical skills that separate the good bartenders from the great ones.
  • At the end of this module, you will walk, talk and think like a skilled bartender. You will know how to be more valued in the workplace, how to be fast and efficient, and how to make a bunch of cocktails at the same time like a boss!

Module 4: Bar Legends

  • You’ll learn about the world’s best bartenders from the 19th and 20th century who had the biggest impact on the industry and turned bartending into the way it is today.
  • At the end of this module, you’ll have a firm understanding of who’s who in the bar world, the options available to you should you choose to work in bars for your whole career, and at the very least be inspired make your own mark in the industry – because you can if you really want to.

Module 5: Cocktails

  • Watch me make the most popular classic and contemporary cocktails selling in bars today, without wasting time on outdated recipes or methods. I also make sure to go in depth on all the little things that make a drink perfect.
  • At the end of this module, you will know the recipes and methods to make high quality classic cocktails, and the history and origin behind each drink, so that you have some bar banter. There’s more than one way to wow a customer.

Module 6: Career

  • If you’ve thoroughly studied, absorbed and applied everything taught in the previous five modules, congratulations! You’ve become someone worth hiring. It’s time for you to go out there and get employed.
  • At the end of this module, you will know how to make a great cover letter and resume, ten ways to find and apply for jobs and how to ace your interview and trial.
  • You will also learn the wide array of options and progressions in the hospitality industry, whether that’s winning cocktail competitions or becoming a travelling bartender.

Module 7: Wisdom

  • Before you head off, I give you the three most important lessons I have learned working in a bar. If you don’t acknowledge these words of wisdom, your job will take a physical and mental toll on you, and your time in the industry will be short lived or full of resent.
  • At the end of this module you will know how to hold yourself at a high regard and how to keep your ego in check, something few people with talent do.
  • As a cherry on top, I’ve compiled a database of additional information and valuable resources to help you develop your skills further.


If you want to become a bartender that can hold their own with confidence but don’t want to spend 3-12 months as a bar back before getting the chance, Bar Mastery is for you! Sign Up Now!

***Please note: There are critiques that the music is too loud. My apologies for this. I no longer have access to a bar to re-film. The lessons only exist on Udemy and can no longer be re-edited as my computer completely crashed when trying to back up all the files.***